How to Design a media center to Work as a Central Hub for Learning

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A Focused Zone Approach. We’ve learned a few things along the way that are essential to creating a space where all members of a school can thrive. Consult with the users of your media space. Faculty and Students will use this space and are beneficial to include to allow them a sense of ownership and pride.

Ways to introduce environmentally friendly solutions in your schools

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We are always looking for more ways to be eco-friendly and make the best choice for the planet and our future, and sometimes, the best way to do that is to introduce new solutions to everyday waste! Our specialists here at Young Equipment have 4 environmentally friendly, low-waste solutions to reduce your carbon footprint at

Desks you can write on?! We have it!

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These desks are the ultimate active learners dream! The whiteboard top allows students a unique way to learn by writing right on their desk top, and reduces the need for another item teachers need to buy. The variety of shapes (rectangle and trapezoid) and the option for a swinging bar at the bottom allows

3 places you can incorporate soft seating

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Soft seating in flexible classrooms is in. It promotes a better learning environment for all learners, and helps make your classroom a more welcoming environment. But it can be a challenge to know where to add soft seating for maximum impact. Our furniture specialist has 3 spaces you can add soft seating in your

Renovating your public restroom? Here are some things to consider!

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Sightlines Nothing is worse than going into a public restroom and realizing the doors have huge gaps and sightlines! No privacy for you! Thankfully, this is an easy repair with updated fixtures. From zero sightlines and 100% privacy for office spaces and high end buildings, to the Hiny Hider from Scranton Products which

Spark a love for science with these science classroom inspiration photos!

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Go for a classic look with wood casework and tables and black epoxy resin top. It is sturdy and is sealed edge to edge to keep the workspace clean and safe. Put storage at number 1 with full wall units of casework in a lighter color to stay neutral. Unique shaped desks

How to Design and Install the Perfect Gymnasium

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How to Design and Install the Perfect Gymnasium Whether you are looking to remodel an educational facility or create a small gym in your own home, you need to consider what athletic equipment will best suit your needs.  First steps should include the safety of the athletes which can be insured by using

3 solutions to ease communication in your community

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3 solutions to ease communication in your community LED Signs - an easy way to reach your community, LED Signs are a great way to share news, events, and important information for all those passing. These are best for reaching your whole community, not just those in your building. They are easy to

Does your indoor or outdoor school seating system need updating?

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As sport teams succeed, crowd support at games will increase.  You want to ensure that your facility meets the needs of the people attending. Consider: Is this an indoor or outdoor athletic gym or field? If you are interested in an indoor telescopic seating system, you provide your ideal amount of seating and space

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