Soft seating in flexible classrooms is in. It promotes a better learning environment for all learners, and helps make your classroom a more welcoming environment. But it can be a challenge to know where to add soft seating for maximum impact. Our furniture specialist has 3 spaces you can add soft seating in your classroom.

Reading Corner

Create an adorable and cozy reading corner to promote a love for reading. A few pillows, stacks of books, a mushroom stool, and you are good to go!

Comfortable Desks

Try these Zenergy Ball Chairs from Safeco. They are soft and unique while encouraging movement and good posture.

Collaborative Learning Spaces

Whether it is circle time on the rug or silent reading, create collaborative learning spaces where students can play and learn together in a soft, welcoming environment. There are so many options for seating from pillows to mushroom stools, to fun colored and shaped ottomans that keep kids creative and excited to learn.