• A tennis court and turf
  • A turf for tennis
  • A small rooftop turf
  • Kids and parents at a playground
  • A green and purple playground

We work with TurfTek USA, an industry leader, to bring you the highest quality turf and installation available. We specialize in using turf for tennis court repair, playground safety, and anywhere else you need a durable, glass-like surface.

Synthetic turf is a perfect solution for apartment complexes, churches, synagogues, temples, commercial playgrounds, community centers, early childhood centers, parks and recreation areas, rooftop projects, schools, and universities.

We specialize in:

Playgrounds – Our environmentally friendly synthetic grass products are certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association and meet ASTM F1292 requirements for fall heights up to 12 feet. They also reduce allergic reactions caused by natural grass and dry quickly after a rain so your children can get back on it to play.

Tennis courts – Our sand-filled synthetic grass tennis courts are a great low maintenance alternative to the traditional clay or natural grass courts; gone are the days of filling cracked clay and the drainage issues with real grass. The softer synthetic surface offers more shock absorption, prevents foot lock, and allows for more playtime on the courts.