• Toilet cubicle partitions

HDPE Plastic

Scranton Products offers a durable line of HDPE plastic in over 28 colors and four textures. HDPE plastic is graffiti & impact resistant plus it does not harbor the growth of microbes making it cleaner and easier to maintain. Scranton Bathroom Partitions offer 3 different lines: Hinyhider, Eclipse, and Aria. The Hinyhider line combines great looks and tough construction while being a solid, built to last investment. The Eclipse line gives you a contemporary look with minimized sightlines and the Aria line has floor to ceiling partitions offers the most privacy with a high end look that is customizable while still being built tough and easy to clean.

  • Grey bathroom partition

Baked Enamel Steel

This is an economical choice for schools, office buildings, restaurants, religious facilities, or any application with moderate traffic and we offer the only 15-year warranty against rust out in the industry.

  • Bathroom partitions in a restroom

Solid Color Reinforced Composite

SCRC is a superior impact/scratch resistance partition and is supremely durable. Best of all, SCRC does not “ghost” permanent marker graffiti therefore making it an ideal choice for the school environment. It is available in a Class B fire rating.

  • White bathroom paritions

Solid Phenolic Core

A popular choice among architects, the solid phenolic core is impact resistant and is available in Class B or Class A fire ratings. You can choose from many standard Formica, Wilsonart, or Trespa colors so you can fit any decor or style. Solid phenolic core bathroom partitions work great in outdoor applications.

  • Metal privacy bathroom parition

Stainless Steel

The Permaseal design allows pure, seamless panels, which gives a much finer finished look and a stronger design than conventional crown molding construction. Permaseal stainless steel partitions work best in high traffic areas prone to vandalism becuase they are strong seamless panels.