• Seats for the audience
  • Red theater seats
  • A top view of an auditorium seating
  • Purple seats in a theater
When it comes to versatility and reliability, Young Equipment offers many styles of auditorium seating. With customizable options you can accomoadate any decor or function. Our experts can also assist you with the design/layout of your room, guiding you in making the proper selections to meet your needs. We offer school auditorium, cinema, movie, theater chairs and church seating with varying seat widths, back pitch, shape, and color. 

Our manufacture Steadfast Seating offers a 25 year warranty making your project a safe investment for years to come. Steadfast Seating’s gravity lift design gives you a functional chair that is sturdy and requires less maintenance than other auditorium seating options. The weight in the back of the seat is nearly impossible to break so you won’t have to worry about broken chairs from rough use.

The most popular seating choice for educational and worship settings is the Convention chair. It has been in production at Steadfast Seating for almost 50 years and is built to last a lifetime. The Convention chair sports the signature gravity lift seat. The chair also can be customized with armrests, cup holders, and a variety of colors. All the seating is covered under the Steadfast Seating 25 year warranty so it is a worthy investment.

Our partner also offers outdoor stadium seating. Steadfast Seating’s chairs were the chair of choice at the Summer Olympic Games in Brazil! The ergonomic design with gravity lift makes them comfortable and low maintenance. They are available with a solid carbon steel or aluminum structure for a built to last stadium seating choice. Customize the layout with cupholders and armrests, and the colors to match your team!