• Cabinetry and a sink in front of a stool
  • Furniture of a clinic
  • A locker cabinet in an office space
  • Brown wooden cabinetry and a sink
  • A room for a patient

We supply healthcare casework from Groupe Lacasse for patient centered locations and exam room or laboratory settings. All our healthcare casework efficiently uses the space with wall mounted options, and with a modular design, our casework is versatile. We can customize your design to your needs. The healthcare casework is also hygienic with thermoformed edges and fronts, integrated sinks, and equipment rails for sanitizers, sharps containers, and gloves.


We specialize in science classroom casework that is healthcare grade. With sealed edges and a variety of cabinet and worktable options, we can create a custom, state of the art science classroom with materials from Diversified Woodcraft. The top selling apron tables are chemical resistant and built to last with custom heights and widths, and a variety of top materials with solid red oak bases. Whether you prefer plastic laminate, Chemguard, phenolic, or epoxy surfaces, we can create custom, long lasting science classrooms for you.


We are excited to introduce a new manufacturer to our offerings, One Pointe Solutions to offer custom laboratory design and casework.

Young Equipment utilizes modern technologies to offer hundreds of standard casework designs and unlimited custom options that are beautiful, functional, and durable. We work with the top names in the industry – Diversified, Group Lacasse and Media Technologies to bring you the highest quality materials. Our casework is healthcare grade and seamless with sealed edges to create a flawless surface . We provide a result that you and your school, laboratory, health care facility or office can be proud of for years to come.

York Science Classroom Before and After: