Nothing is worse than going into a public restroom and realizing the doors have huge gaps and sightlines! No privacy for you!

Thankfully, this is an easy repair with updated fixtures. From zero sightlines and 100% privacy for office spaces and high end buildings, to the Hiny Hider from Scranton Products which is a great compromise for schools with almost no seams, but without floor to ceiling doors, there is a solution that offers the privacy level you want for your public restroom.

  • Grey bathroom partition


Something often overlooked when choosing bathroom stalls is the mounting options. Ceiling mount, Floor mount, or a full length stall are all available, but depending on your building and your needs, some might be a better choice than others.

Ceiling mounted options offer easier cleaning for the floors, but less privacy. There also can be limitations depending on what type of ceiling supports you have. Floor mounted can be a great alternative when ceiling mount isn’t an option, but there still are limitations with privacy. Full length stalls are the ultimate choice for a sleek, modern look that keeps everyone comfortable, but for schools might not be the best option.


Perhaps the most important factor to consider in public restroom is the durability of the materials. Public bathrooms tend to be high traffic places and need to be able to stand the test of time. Durable HDPE materials and a 25 year warranty at Scranton Products makes the Hiny Hiders Toilet Partitions an all around great option for durability, sightlines, and privacy level for schools, parks, and other high traffic restrooms.

  • Black bathroom paritions
  • Bathroom partitions in a restroom