These desks are the ultimate active learners dream! The whiteboard top allows students a unique way to learn by writing right on their desk top, and reduces the need for another item teachers need to buy. The variety of shapes (rectangle and trapezoid) and the option for a swinging bar at the bottom allows you to set up your classroom in a variety of ways and gives your active students a non disruptive way to let their energy out. Plus, these desks are on wheels to make your job of moving the classroom around just a little bit easier, and when we say a little, we mean A LOT!

Learn Tables are adjustable height and come in 4 designs – rectangle, half moon, wave, and ying-yang.  You can choose two different laminate tops, or the whiteboard top which is great for students and groups to learn and collaborate together.

Work+Box Islands, Alba Tables, and Rockford Pick Tables all are great collaborative tables that have whiteboard tops available to keep creativity flowing. The Alba and Rockford Pick tables can be configured into a variety of designs and the Work+Box Islands are incredible for storage!

A table with low chairs