Go for a classic look with wood casework and tables and black epoxy resin top. It is sturdy and is sealed edge to edge to keep the workspace clean and safe.

Put storage at number 1 with full wall units of casework in a lighter color to stay neutral. Unique shaped desks for multiple students encourages creativity and movement, and bright colored accent chairs keep the space unique.

This continues with a traditional look, but with a light colored top to keep the room bright. It still has all the needed fixtures and hookups, while keeping the storage capabilities to a maximum and leaving room for individual seating.

Stainless Steel workbenches extend the lab stations to accommodate more students in this classroom while even more student seating is in front. Visible shelving along the side walls allow for easy organization of materials.

Student work islands in bold colors topped with Made in the USA Epoxy Resin tops that are resistant to corrosive materials and heat. The countertops are available in 6 colors and can be custom cut to fit in accessories you need like sinks, gas hookups, drains, electric outlets, and more.

Extend workstations with open tables but retain the storage with wall storage options! Bright colored legs keep the space feeling fresh and youthful while the open tables keep it feeling extra spacious and open!