How to Design and Install the Perfect Gymnasium

Whether you are looking to remodel an educational facility or create a small gym in your own home, you need to consider what athletic equipment will best suit your needs.  First steps should include the safety of the athletes which can be insured by using padding.  (Safety Tip: Wall pads should be a minimum of 6’ high and should be installed at a maximum of 6” above the finished floor)  You can design padding by color and even custom logos to represent your school or favorite team.  Additionally, padding can be installed on columns and on the equipment itself.

After you choose your ideal padding, it is time to consider all the different equipment available to you.  For example, when choosing a basketball system you have to consider if you would like an in-ground, portable or wall-braced backstop.  In-ground systems are ideal for outdoor residential courts.  Portable systems may have wheels or be easily folded.  Wall braced systems are extremely durable and have numerous custom configurations.  The basketball backboard itself can be made of glass, acrylic or polycarbonate.

At Young Equipment Sales, we can determine which system and which backboard performance will best suit the needs of your facility.  We can even offer custom scoreboards, flooring, bleacher and grandstands to compliment the athletic equipment.