The Benefits of eSports: How to Develop an eSports Lab

Intertwining education and eSports has become a popular topic of discussion in recent years. Some are left wondering why eSports has grown to be such a phenomenon. Questions like “How can eSports benefit my school?”, “What advantages will such a program provide for the community and students?”, and “Why should my school have an eSports program?” are left lingering.

Adults generally have a negative attitude toward video games; eSports is being met with the same reaction. Popular thinking is that playing video games is unproductive and harmful. However, opinions change once people learn what eSports teams have to offer. Gaming can be a great source of information and education for students. The question should be “What are they learning?” rather than “Are they learning?”

eSports, like conventional sports, can provide the opportunity to develop many important life skills; ranging from self-control to a strong work ethic. Virtual soccer games like FIFA and vehicular soccer video games like Rocket League help players acquire skills that are frequently absent from lessons taught in school and daily life. In addition, eSports is an inclusive community; a community that welcomes everyone regardless of race, gender, age, or level of athleticism. Students are united by this welcoming environment, which also helps to develop effective communication skills. Through the sense of community students develop while playing, they learn to think critically, adapt to different circumstances, negotiate, and improve interpersonal skills. eSports in educational settings also encourage students to aim higher and overcome more challenges than they may have otherwise.

The setting and resources required by students to form a community and acquire soft skills through eSports programs are a good investment. Take into account the potential advantages that eSports programs may provide for your kids. Do you think your school would benefit from eSports?

Gymnasiums, cafeterias, and media rooms all share a commonality. They were created or developed with a certain objective in mind. The spaces are multi-functional even though each of the uses is very different. An Innovation Center can serve a variety of purposes. Its primary use may be to house an eSports program. The area would be created for after-school eSports clubs and competitions, and may also be used for classes during the day with a curriculum that utilizes the room.

Engagement and dropout prevention are positively impacted by inclusive extracurricular activities such as eSports. Combined with traditional sports requiring students to maintain high-grade point averages, eSports can benefit students in a variety of ways. An eSports program can provide students access to a variety of job opportunities. Beside pursuing professional gaming, students can acquire skills applicable to careers in journalism, game creation, marketing, programming, live broadcasting, and team management.

eSports Team Requirements

An eSports room should provide the right amount of space to support the program’s physical components. The eSports club may need a team coach or advisor in addition to game equipment. Depending upon the resources available to you, designing this space may be as simple as remodeling a computer lab. Or you can design and create a brand-new eSports lab. Making the most of available space is crucial for allowing educators to acquire the skills required to perform effectively in our rapidly changing digital world.

Growing an eSports program requires interest from teachers, students, parents, and administrators. Involving school staff and other community members in the creation of your eSports program is a great way to increase school pride and spirit.

The eSports community is eager to help as you assemble your team and assist in getting your school involved with the community. Every day, new eSports-related opportunities pop up, giving students access to funding, sponsors, and scholarships much like students in traditional sports.

Look for our next blog post about design factors you should consider when building an eSports lab!

Designing an eSports Lab: How to determine what you’ll need

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21% of schools already have an eSports program, and over 70% of K-12 schools consider introducing competitive gaming to their curriculum, eSports are

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