21% of schools already have an eSports program, and over 70% of K-12 schools consider introducing competitive gaming to their curriculum, eSports are rapidly gaining traction. And it’s not just K-12 schools – colleges across the United States have over 5,000 student-athletes participating in varsity eSports programs. The global eSports market is currently valued at $1.22 billion, and projections show it will reach a staggering $5.48 billion by 2029. It’s clear that eSports is here to stay, so why not join the fun and excitement of this rapidly growing phenomenon?

In our previous post, we shared the benefits of eSports and the positive impact it has on students. After understanding the benefits, you’ll want to know how to create the best eSports lab fit for your school and students. Our suppliers from WB have a great selection of furniture to make eSports a great experience.

1. Choosing a Style

Choosing the right style for an eSports lab can influence the overall experience and atmosphere of the space. It’s essential to consider a few key factors when deciding on the style that you want to go for. Here are some things to think about:

  • Purpose: What will the space be used for? Will it be primarily for gaming tournaments or general gaming sessions? The purpose of the space can help determine the style that would best fit.
  • Target audience: Who will be using the space? Will it be a younger crowd or an older one? This will influence the style, as certain age groups may prefer different aesthetics.
  • Lighting: The lighting in the space can make a big difference in the overall atmosphere. Consider using LED lighting to create a gaming-inspired vibe.
  • Color scheme: Darker colors with pops of bright colors are popular for eSports labs. However, you can also use a specific color scheme that aligns with your school colors, team colors, or the games that will be played in the space.
  • Furniture and decor: The furniture and decor should complement the chosen style. Industrial-style furniture can work well for an eSports lab, but you can also incorporate gaming-inspired decor like posters, figurines, and other collectibles.

2. Will the room be a multipurpose space?

This is one of the first few questions you should be asking before diving into the creation of an eSports lab. While many eSports labs are often established in multipurpose rooms, yours might have a designated space. This seemingly minor yet crucial detail can significantly influence the layout and design of the area.

3. How many teams and what skill levels will be using the eSports space?

As mentioned earlier, keeping in mind the users of the lab will be a deciding factor in the final design. This includes thinking about the number of teams and skill levels that are going to be using the space. Some environments may be designed to accommodate just a handful of beginner-level teams, while others may be able to host dozens or even hundreds of expert-level teams at once.

4. How is the coach going to coach?

It’s important to include the eSports coach in the design process. Each coach has a unique perspective and may have specific requirements for the space to ensure the team’s success. This may include a coaching area, recommendations on the placement of equipment and furniture, and the overall layout. By working together with the coach, you can create a gaming environment that maximizes the team’s potential.

5. Will there be a viewing area?

Many eSports environments have a designated viewing section for parents and visitors that may include features like a big screen, a mix of hard and soft seating, and more.

Here are some key elements to think about when designing your viewing area:

  • Lighting: Make sure the viewing area is well-lit, but not too bright or too dim. Consider using adjustable lighting so visitors can customize their experience.
  • Sound: If you plan on having the sound from the games playing in the lab, make sure it’s not too loud in the viewing area. Consider using soundproofing materials to minimize noise pollution.
  • Seating: Make sure the seating in the viewing area is comfortable for extended periods. Consider providing cushions or pillows for those who prefer softer seating. Our suppliers at WB offer a Media Center Workstation Kit – complete with multi-level viewing featuring seating for up to 11 students, parents, or other participants. Viewers can immerse themselves in the game with high-top options, or relax in comfort with soft seating.
  • Amenities: Think about providing amenities such as charging ports, Wi-Fi, and refreshments in the viewing area to enhance the visitor experience.

6. What type of gaming will be played? What type of equipment is needed?

Will you be playing console gaming? PC gaming? Different games require different equipment, and it is important to ensure that the room is equipped with the necessary hardware and software to support the intended games. This may include gaming consoles, computers, monitors, and specialized peripherals such as controllers and headphones.

Ventilation is also crucial, especially if you plan on running multiple machines in the same room. Adequate ventilation can help keep the temperature down and prevent overheating, which can be detrimental to both the equipment and the gamers.

Having a place to hang headsets can also be a useful addition to your lab. This will help keep the headsets organized and prevent them from getting tangled or damaged.

Another element to keep in mind is wire management. With multiple machines and peripherals in one room, wires can quickly become a mess. Having a wire management system in place can help keep everything organized and prevent tripping hazards.

7. What type of furniture is needed? Do you need storage?

To make your gaming space comfortable and functional for players, selecting the right furniture is essential. Here are some key considerations:

Gaming chairs are a must-have to provide support and comfort during long gaming sessions.

Desks with sufficient space for multiple monitors and gaming accessories are crucial. WB’s LEET™ eSports Marathon Desks or ELO® Slinger Desks are excellent options. Learn more about WB’s LEET™ eSports collection.

Decide whether your furniture should be stationary or mobile, depending on your preferred setup. We supply both options!

Furniture featuring cord management, and ventilation for optimal airflow to prevent overheating. Some eSports furniture already includes these options. If it doesn’t come standard, we can have them customized to meet your needs.

Storage solutions such as lockers and cubbies can help keep the space organized and tidy.

Let’s Unleash Your Gaming Potential!

Creating an eSports lab is like building a winning team – it takes careful planning, strategy, and teamwork. At Young Equipment, we’ll help you design your space, supply the furniture, and install everything from lighting to storage! So, whether you’re needing a space for a beginner-level team or an expert-level squad, we’ve got you covered with WB’s LEET™ eSports collection and other custom solutions. Reach out today and let our design experts get to work!