It’s pretty easy to tell when you need more storage, but finding the right storage solutions isn’t easy.

Boxes everywhere, supplies going missing, cluttered chaos in your storage rooms and supply closets… but with so many different organization methods and ways to store things, how do you know which way to go?

Shelving open or closed steel shelving

Great for items you need to see and access often, as well as oversized or odd sized packages and items. Sturdy and customizable. We have this industrial metal shelving available with open or closed sides and backs depending on your organizational needs. Our metal shelving comes in either 36 inch, 42 inch or 48 inch widths. Shelves easily adjust on 1-1/2″ vertical centers using shelf clips. The 2000 series standard shelf can hold up to 850 pounds, and the 8000 series standard shelf is great for tools or safety supplies holding up to 900 pounds and the extra heavy duty shelf holds 1300 pounds.

Modular Drawer Cabinets

The MDC cabinets are the perfect high density storage solution. If you have lots of smaller items you need to access easily while still keeping them secure, the MDC cabinet is the solution you need. Optimized for maximizing storage space in smaller areas, the MDC cabinet is perfect for PPE, sensitive documents, supplies, and small tools and parts. The MDC cabinets are customizable and secure, plus LYON Offers a limited lifetime warranty on MDC Cabinets.









Industrial Metal Storage Cabinets with our without removable bins

Industrial metal storage cabinets from LYON are All Welded steel cabinets. They are available in a variety of dimensions and customizations depending on your needs. They are also available with removable bins, which is great for sorting PPE and protective gear from chemicals and cleaning supplies. These cabinets are secure and lockable so are a great choice for heavy duty chemicals and cleaners, paint, or items that need to be secured.


Metal Office storage cabinets

Similar to the industrial storage cabinets the metal office storage cabinets are available in a variety of dimensions and customizations. These are ideal for office environments storing files, supplies, paper, and other times out of the way. These are lockable and sturdy.

Clear view and visible storage cabinets

Ideal for warehouses or manufacturers, the Clearview storage cabinets work best in locations where you need to easily see what you have stored without opening the doors.

Industrial ventilated storage cabinets

Best for storing items that need extra ventilation, the ventilated storage cabinet from LYON is made of the toughest steel. This is great in warehouses, auto mechanic shops, or manufacturers.

Racks – Rivet racks, bulk storage racks, and pallet racking

Rack storage is ideal for warehouses and garages. Pallet racking is adjustable heavy duty racking that helps you take advantage of your vertical space. Rivet racking is a economical storage shelving solution perfect for light or medium duty storage needs in offices or retail spaces. Bulk storage racks are the best for bulk storage, heavy items, and oversized items. They can be used in retail spaces or health care spaces like hospitals to hold medical supplies.

Lockers –

Metal – Employee lockers, student lockers, athletic lockers, equipment lockers

Plastic Laminate  – employee personal belongings lockers


Casework – Casework cabinets are ideal for science classrooms, labs, healthcare settings, and nurse’s stations to store supplies, PPE, and medicines. They feature locking drawers and doors and are finished with a chemical resistant finish. Because of this, they are chemical safe and secure, perfect for the science classroom or lab.

Specialized storage – We also have specialized storage solutions for those unique needs like fire equipment storage, or weapons storage.

Now that you know a little more about some of the storage solutions available, your decision on how to organize your spaces and supplies might be a little easier. If you still have questions on which storage solution is best for you contact Ryan Reilly, our storage solution specialist for assistance.