The Aviair sanitizer is a non-toxic, food and kid safe sanitizer that kills 99% of all bacteria and germs, including COVID-19. The solution uses two ingredients you have in your home and the aviair bottle and base.

  • An arm holding a fridge door handle
  • A finger pressing the elevator 5th floor button

Silver Defender

Silver Defender products are made in the USA and contain an antimicrobial agent to protect the film from bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi to ensure the product is clean. Silver ions react with and affect multiple sites in bacterial cells on the surface of the film, to keep the film clean. Silver Defender products have built in antimicrobial protection to guard against degradation from microorganisms. Silver Defender is the only product of its kind to have initiated EPA pesticide registration. Silver Defender is a patent pending, specifically designed, high-quality film, which can be applied to any surface for all industries. These industries include airports, cruise ships, grocery stores, restaurants, retail stores, banks, malls, schools, and office buildings. Our products deliver clean surfaces that you can see.Our nontoxic products are developed for high traffic areas and can be used on all common touch points and shared surfaces. Our stretchable films can cover any type of surface, including door handles, elevator buttons, subway handles, buses, grocery shopping cart handles, water fountains, railings, bathroom doors, toilet flush handles, bathroom sink handles, bathroom stall locks, just to name a few. Our films last for 90 days and are replaced quarterly.

Sanitizer Stations

We offer a variety of sanitizer and handwashing stations for every location. From stands for entrances and exits, to mobile sinks for any location, to sanitizer stands that attach to your playground set. Promote healthy habits and clean hands by making the right choice the easiest choice.