What to Consider When You Choose A Playground

There are many things to consider when installing a new playground or updating your playground and our expert here wants to help make it an easier process for you!

First you need to consider how much space you have for the playground. We have a variety of playground sizes for whatever space available you have. You also need to consider what your budget is. Factoring in the cost of the equipment, then surfacing, any landscaping, and then of course installation. We have playgrounds available on many contracts to help make this an easier choice! You also need to consider who you want to attract to the playground.

  • Train playground from play and park
  • Large playground inclusive play
  • Playground for apartment with two slides for all ages
  • Inclusive playground for all ages
  • Playground with shades and 5 slides
  • Elementary school playground
  • Large playground from play and park with shade
  • Playground with shade
  • Medium size playground play and park

Is this an inclusive playground? Choose a Selfie Swizzler that swivels and rocks by yourself or with a friend made for sensory experiences and wheelchair accessible spaces.  Is it for middle grade kids and younger kids? Consider a park with multiple attractions to bring all kids together. This will help guide the decision making in the last steps. The last things to consider are the more exciting choices like exactly what pieces you want, the design, and the colors. Our expert will help take all of your needs and put together a beautiful community space fitting your needs perfectly.

Inclusive play
Inclusive playgrounds
Selfie swizzler inclusive play

From a small park for toddlers to a large community park with multiple pieces, seating, picnic areas, and shelters, our expert has nearly 20 years of experience in measuring, designing, and choosing playgrounds. He will be happy to help you make the best choice for your community. Choosing a playground is easy when you choose a playground with Young Equipment!

Small Cost Big Fun

Play and Park playground

A Happy Medium

Small playground with climbing wall

Room For Everyone!

Elementary school playground

Ask us about playground surfacing, synthetic turf, shade structures, dog parks, adult fitness parks, and pavilions!