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Is your gymnasium starting to show signs of wear and tear? Let us be your solution. We offer the highest quality indoor gym products and indoor audio systems so students, parents, and facility can have the best experience at your games and events.

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We specialize in making your gym, wrestling room, staircase, or other impact areas a safer place by providing affordable protective wall padding solutions. Young Equipment works with the best in the industry to design and install premium quality wall padding to provide maximum protection for indoor and outdoor impact areas. This padding is ideal for basketball courts, gymnastics areas, wrestling rooms, rehabilitation centers, outdoor stadiums, or any surface area where safety padding is needed. In addition to increasing safety and enhancing appearance, our wall panels also help absorb sound. Show your school spirit and get the home-court advantage with custom-designed wall padding showcasing your school colors and mascot!

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Sometimes necessary to use your gym for multiple activities. With our custom gym dividers, this can easily be accomplished. We offer a complete line of custom gymnasium divider curtains that enable your gymnasiums to be easily divided into multiple sections for all of your schools growing needs.

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All of our outdoor scoreboards are designed and built to stand the test of time, with shatter-resistant polycarbonate faces that slide over the digits and internal components. These heavy-duty faces cover the entire scoreboard, from one extruded aluminum end to the other, making the scoreboard seamless and eliminating the need for protective screens! Young Equipment works with industry leader All American Scoreboards to bring you technically superior, yet more straightforward and more efficient, scoreboard and LED video displays.

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We work with all American Scoreboards so we can address your evolving needs in terms of up-front value, functionality, scalability, fan engagement, information delivery, and high-tech marketing, advertising and crossover promotions capabilities. Contact us today for more information about Video Scoretables, Electronic Message Center Scoretables, Scoreboard Scoretables, and Advertising Panel Scoretables.

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LED school signs are an essential part of communication between teachers, parents, students, and the community. Young Equipment provides high-quality custom signs to elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities in a variety of looks and finishes to seamlessly blend with your facilities current design.

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Your team and fans deserve the best audio sound quality possible. Gone are the days of muffled announcements or deafening high pitched bells. We design our indoor gym sound systems for superb play-by-play vocal clarity, high powered music, and fantastic spectator coverage in gyms, basketball courts, volleyball courts, indoor arenas, and all types of indoor athletic venues. Our gym speaker systems are pre-configured to make it easy to specify and purchase the perfect complete audio solution for your gymnasium. All of our gym sound system designs are ready to perform right out of the box or as a starting point for a more customized solution for your specific needs and budget. Our gym solutions deliver the consistent high-performance sound ideal for play-by-play announcements where vocal clarity and wide coverage is essential. Enjoy exceptional audio quality from simple voice projection to more sophisticated systems that provide clear intelligibility and music reproduction to spectators in all seating areas. Need a custom design. We can package a complete gymnasium solution for all sizes and budgets from K-12 through university size athletic buildings.

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