Warehouses both large and small can be difficult to keep organized. Creating the right shelving solutions for your warehouse is easier than you might think! Using Lyon’s adjustable metal storage shelves allows you to take advantage of all that vertical space and keep your inventory orderly. Keeping your warehouse organized increases both efficiency and productivity. Having ample shelf space for your inventory also helps keep items off the floor and improves the overall safety of your facility.

Lyon’s 8000 Series Industrial Shelving features steel posts as well as steel shelves in a variety of gauges and weight capacities. The shelves easily adjust on 1-1/2 inch centers WITHOUT TOOLS! When your inventory sizes change, your shelving can be readjusted in a snap.

Lyon 8000 Series Box W ShelvingPre-Engineered Shelving Solutions

We have over 100 pre-engineered 2000 and 8000 Series Shelving Units ready to order! You’ll get all the parts necessary for a complete shelving unit with just one part number. Choose closed shelving for a clean and contained look. Open shelving units provide maximum airflow and visibility throughout. Each seven foot high section is available in two different widths as well as three different depths.

These pre-engineered shelving solutions include up to eight shelves. All of Lyon’s 22 gauge medium-duty shelves hold up to 600 lbs each. Some 18 gauge extra heavy-duty shelves can hold up to 1,300 lbs depending on the size. You can use individual starter units as stand alone shelving, or combine them with add-on units to create long runs of commercial shelving systems.


8000 Series Shelving Units with T-posts have an overall width growth of 1-1/2″ no matter how many add-on units you have. Calculating the amount of space needed has never been any easier! Starter Width + Add-on Widths + 1.5″ = Overall Width

8000 series componentsShelving Designed by YOU

You can add a few shelves or even create your own industrial warehouse shelving systems! It’s easy to build your own shelving solution with Lyon’s Shelves and Components.

Pre-engineered sections include as many as eight shelves, but if your stocked items are small, an additional shelf or two could help you fit much more into one section. Lyon offers the box shelves individually as well as in package quantities for ease of ordering.

You can also build your own metal warehouse shelving units. Start with two upright assemblies, shelves, and a back/brace to make a starter section. Add one upright assembly, shelves, and a back/brace for each add-on section. A shelf should be installed both at the top and the bottom of the section to ensure stability of the unit.

Make sure any sections you are creating include enough uprights and backs for at least one starter. Add-ons can be connected at the same time or can be added later. You can even mix and match open and closed uprights and backs.

Finishing Touch

For safety, Lyon strongly recommends anchoring your shelving to the floor. We offer an Upright to Floor Angle, a Shelving Footplate, and a Wedge Anchor to help you secure your shelving in place.

Be sure to view our Shelving Accessories for the last finishing touches you may need for your shelving solutions. Shelf dividers help segment the shelves into smaller spaces. Shelf boxes available in steel, plastic, or cardboard are available to keep smaller items and parts contained. Adding Label Holders helps you to find parts quickly while also serving as a placeholder for items that may be out of stock. Your warehouse efficiency improves when items are consistently restocked into the same space.

Not sure where to start? Lyon will gladly assist you with getting the right shelving for your space. Request a Quote and submit your warehouse layout and Lyon’s sales support team will be sure to quote you the best shelving for your project!