Is your office stuck in the 80’s? With these 3 quick tips, you can turn your conference room into a modern office!

  • A boardroom with an LED video wall
  • An LED video wall
  • Furniture in a conference room

    1.Integrate and utilize state of the art technology

4K LED 20 point touch interactive display smart boards are the easiest way to bring your conference room up into the modern age. The IQ-Blackboard and IQ-Meet-n-Class boards can be written on with chalk, connected to your android, iphone, ipad, or computer, and can conference everyone in from anywhere in the world. The versatility, power, and sleek design help bring your team on the same page and keep everyone engaged.

2. Furnish with minimal and bright furniture

No matter the size of your conference room bright and minimal furniture will make your space modern. Minimal furniture doesn’t have to be uncomfortable either, it is often ergonomic! Round and oval tables make the space bigger and more functional and brings the team together.

3. Finish it off with lighting

Bright, clean lighting finishes off the modern look nicely. With LED lighting above and motorized shades on windows to effectively control lighting, you set the perfect mood to get everyone inspired and motivated to work. Bright lighting is the key to making your conference room, and whole work space, feel like a modern office!