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Wire Mesh Caging

When it comes to preventing pilferage, protecting inventory, and segmenting work areas for safety and security purpose, a wire mesh caging system is ideal. And, in our continuing effort to bring you ?"Best in the World?" products, we offer the Style 840 wire mesh caging system from WireCrafters. A system that is based on the idea of just ?"stacking?" standard sized panels between tubular frames, it offers unlimited flexibility and ease of installation along with security and aesthetically pleasing results.

For example:
1-Sided Wire Security Partitions
One wall partitions are installed between two walls to create a straight, secure barrier. Can be used to section rooms, at the end or rack rows, and other areas. Choose 8 or 10 feet heights, from 10 to 30 feet wide, with sliding or hinged gates.

2-Sided Wire Security Cages
Two-wall wire enclosure is designed to fit into corners, utilizing two existing walls and two wire panel walls to enclose the area. Choose units with sliding or hinged gates, with or without a ceiling.

3-Sided Wire Security Cages
Three-wall wire enclosure unit is designed to install against an existing wall, using three wire panel walls and one building wall to enclose an area. Choose cages with sliding or hinged gates, with or without a ceiling.

4-Sided Wire Security Cages
Four-wall wire enclosure unit is freestanding and can be utilized anywhere in a facility to provide a secure enclosure. Choose cages with sliding or hinged gates, with or without a ceiling, in a huge variety of standard sizes.

Modular Wire "Fencing" Guards
Once erected, this super-strong modular wire mesh barrier restricts access to the work cell and prevents employees from casually wandering into an area where they may be injured by automated equipment.

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