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At YES, we are committed to bringing you the most comprehensive selection of volleyball equipment available. That is why we have chosen to offer the Spalding line of volleyball equipment. Under the manufacturing expertise of AAI (American Athletic, Inc.), Spalding manufactures top quality volleyball equipment for competitive, recreational and physical education use Following is a brief description of their various products. Click here to download the complete Spalding Volleyball Equipment Catalogue.

Volleyball Uprights

The new Solo Elite Volleyball System is intended for use on the most competitive courts of play and boasts many features that are new to the market. Lightweight and incredibly rigid, the unique oval design of Spalding's Solo Elite allows for maximum stiffness with minimal weight.

Another key feature of this unit is its versatility. No longer will your choice of uprights be dictated by the diameter of your floor sleeves. From 3" to 4" sleeves and everywhere in between, the expandable base makes the Solo Elite our most rigid, yet user-friendly upright to date.

The first upright to bear the Spalding name also carries with it a distinct and sleek appearance. With no external winch, spin locks, or other obstructions, these uprights utilize formfitting pads, which look great and offer superior protection.

Aluminum Uprights

Available in winch end, center and multi-court configurations, these uprights will allow you to create endless configurations to fit your specifications. And, with a 10-year limited warranty, you can be sure your investment will be protected.

The Elite Aluminum systems include the following features:

  • Lightweight and easy to set up
  • High strength uprights made of 3'' (76mm) O.D. extruded aluminum
  • Navy blue powder coated uprights with silver powder coated pistons
  • Spring-loaded pistons for easy adjustment regardless of competitive height
  • Adjustable height worm gear winch eliminates dangerous backlash and keeps net tight during intense play
  • Nylon leader strap allows for safety and easy net attachment
  • Meets all USAV, NCAA, NFHS and FIVB specifications

Steel Uprights

The Elite Steel systems include the same features as the Elite Aluminum, except the uprights are constructed of 3'' (76mm) O.D. steel tubing.

Spalding's Slide volleyball/multi-sport uprights are 3.0" (76mm) diameter extruded uprights and are marked for men's, women's, junior high, elementary, badminton, and tennis regulation net height. The adjustments are continuous so fine adjustments can be made to ensure correct net height for any situation.

Upright Pads

These pads are designed to provide protective padding for Elite volleyball or recreational volleyball systems. The pads are 5' 10" (1778mm) high and 1" (25mm) thick. The pads wrap around the upright and Velcro back to themselves.

You can select a pair of single wrap pads for the end uprights, or a 2-piece pad for the center pole of a multi-court system, allowing access to both sides of the pole. They are available in either 14 oz. or 18 oz. vinyl covers with 18 colors to choose from.

We also have versions that provide for 4-sides and 6-sided configurations as well.

Volleyball Nets

We offer several styles of net packages to accommodate your varying needs.

The 36'' QUICK SET NET PACKAGE includes:

  • 36'' (91cm) wide net is 32' (9.75m) long, with a 34' (10.4m) top pvc-coated steel cable and a 40' (12.2m) bottom polyethylene rope
  • 2'' (51mm) vinyl coated nylon binding on top and bottom steel dowels, rope ratchets and net tension straps


  • 1M (39'') wide net is 32' (9.75m) long, with a 42' (12.8m) top cable of Kevlar core rope and a 40' (12.2m) bottom polyethylene rope steel dowels, rope ratchets and net tension straps

Floor Plate / Sleeve Options

We offer an extensive variety of floor plate/sleeve options to fit both new construction and retrofit applications. Available in chromed steel, brass, and laminate finishes complementing any decor.

Referee Platforms and Pads

The Spalding Freestanding Volleyball Referee Platform is designed for use with Spalding volleyball uprights. This platform does not require any special hardware for attachment. It is 84-3/4" (2153mm) high, 28-1/2" (724mm) wide and 39-3/4" (1010mm) deep. The platform is 44" (1118mm) above the floor and is 16-7/8" x 22-1/2" (429mm x 571mm). Pads are available and recommended for use with this product.

The Supported Volleyball Referee Platform is designed for use with Spalding volleyball uprights. The platform is a supported design and does not require any special hardware for attachment. The platform is 21-3/4" wide (552mm) and sits 3' 9" (1143mm) above the floor. The top of the handrail shall be 7' 0-3/4" (2153mm) above the floor.