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Solid Plastic

Another favorite among architects and especially schools, a solid plastic bathroom partition is extremely durable due to 54" continuous wall brackets at every connection and heavy duty 8" hinges. It is available in solid colors, marble, speckled or stone colors, and is even available with a textured finish to further discourage graffiti attempts.

Breaking News: Santana and Comtec Industries have merged to create a solid plastic bathroom partition powerhouse that can serve their dealers and their dealers' customers better than ever!

The Bottom Line:

Cost factor of 1.8 -2.5

20+ potential color selections including designer colors

Graffiti resistant but susceptible to scratching and gouging

Outstanding durability due to continuous wall brackets and S/S hardware

Industry leading 15 year warranty

***Bathroom partitions come in many different styles and materials. We can provide parts from all manufacturers, and install all parts to keep your facilities in perfect working order.***