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Roller Shades

For roller shades, we have chosen to offer the Draper line of window shades. With over a century of experience, Draper is uniquely qualified to furnish top quality window coverings in all 50 states and over 70 countries worldwide! And, with many styles and accessories to choose from, we’re sure we can accommodate your needs.

FlexShades by Draper

This custom shading system allows for almost unlimited flexibility in solar control. They provide glare control and room darkening anywhere windows or skylights are found: classrooms and gymnasiums; offices, boardrooms and training rooms; military installations and laser labs; hospitals, extended care and nursing facilities; residences and home theatres; museums, darkrooms and any sky lit space.



The Manual FlexShade systems offer simplicity and reliability.

They are available in several operatorstyles:

Bead Chain Clutch: never needs adjustment and can be mounted either on the right or left, as preferred. The universal bracket allows for mounting to wall, ceiling or jamb and it is interchangeable with 8# or 16# clutches. Window shade stops when operating chain is released

Crank-Operated: Crank-operated FlexShades offer complete reliability and precise light control, with minimal effort. Even the largest shades operate smoothly.With crank control you can easily operate tall shades, wide shades or even groups of shades from a single controller.

Spring Roller Operation: Traditional window shade operation. Galvanized, or enameled steel rollers and heavy-duty springs sized to operate any shade easily through 12' wide x 12' high.

The Motorized FlexShade systems offer the most intelligent sun control solutions available.

Features include:

-The simplicity of shades with the versatility of motorized operation.
-Standard in any size from 2' through 14' wide. Larger sizes available with FlexShade 2 or Colossal FlexShade.
-Retract completely when not in use for an unobstructed view.
-Installation choices that range from simple mounting brackets, to endcaps and fascia, to complete extruded pockets with bottom closure panels.
-A compact, tubular gear motors located within each roller for smooth, reliable operation.





The LightBloc FlexShade features an exclusive, patented

Fabric Retention System that prevents disengagement of fabric from channels.

Other features include:
-No light gap at the headbox side channel connection.
-Light proof hem bar recessed into light proof side channel.
-Precision engineered and custom built for each opening.

-Durable anodized and painted finishes insure an aesthetically pleasing installation.
-System includes aluminum headbox, side and sill channels. -Headboxes available to recess or surface mount.



FlexShade Panels offer a permanent solution to solar heat and glare.

These fixed frame panels :
-Provide sunlight filtration at a lower cost than operable solutions.

They are particularly well suited for skylights and sloped glazing in solariums or odd-shaped openings. (Not suitable for curved framing).
-Help prevent ultraviolet damage to expensive textiles and furniture located in direct sunlight. Relieve the discomfort from solar heat and glare often associated with unprotected glazing.
-Are permanently attached to lightweight aluminum frames.
-Utilize an extruded aluminum frame. Frames are available in dark bronze, white or mill finish aluminum.
-Mount easily on surface or within framing of windows with clips.

Clips allow removal of FlexShade Panels for routine maintenance and cleaning.
-Are available in sizes up to 5' x 10'. Panels exceeding 40" in length require a center support member.
-Offer a wide range of openness factors, ranging from 3% to 23%.
-The ceiling-suspended backstops are available in either stationary

or folding configurations to fit any application.

Call us today to find

out which configuration best suits your needs.

Choose from a variety of Control Systems to optimize functionality:

IntelliFlex® Control System
This system offers a range of relays to control 115V AC, 230V AV, and 12V and 24V DC motors of any type.This relay system allows for "bus Communication" control of a motor or group of motors though a wide range of input devices including Infrared, radio, dry contact, standard wall switch, and RS232 PC driven commands launched from a free "GUI" (graphic user interface). The "Bus" communications commands can be shared between relay devices of any voltage type, (i.e. 12V DC, 24V DC, 115V AC or 230V AC). In addition this system can deliver, (if "enabled") up to 4 intermediate stopping positions and up to 6 "grouping" functions per motor.



Smart Motor Systems
Provides a flexible window shading system which installs easily. Can be re-configured without the need for rewiring, and integrates seamlessly into other building control systems such as HVAC and lighting.

Individual Control
One 115 volt, single pole, double throw, maintained switch and cover plate, as shown, is standard for each motorized FlexShade, including motorized LightBloc FlexShade Systems and Skylight FlexShade Systems (Ivory is standard; white is also available).

Group Control System
Each Group Control System can control up to four shades. An additional Group Control System is required for each group of up to four motors. Master switch, shown, can control several linked groups. Group control is a low voltage control system, and does not allow for independent operation of individual shades in the group.

Individual and Group Control
If you need to operate two or more motors as a group, while maintaining the option of individual control, choose Individual and Group Control (IGC-3N1). Each Individual/Group Controller operates 1-3 motors, and controllers can be joined to form larger groups. Groups can be controlled by one or more master switches, and single shades can be operated by individual switches. Groups of shades may also be controlled by sun sensor control, 7-day programmable timer, or infrared or radio frequency remote control. Individual/Group Control is a low voltage control system. Compatible with other home automation or audiovisual control systems.

Digital Programmable Timer
24-hour timer, suitable for use with all control systems (except IntelliFlex® systems) for motorized FlexShades.

Automatic Sun Sensor Control
Programmable control responds to daylight intensity and is fully automatic. Time delay allows for passing butts. Intensity control allows for variations in user comfort. Includes override (an additional remote override also available). Sun sensor control is compatible with all motorized FlexShade control systems, except IntelliFlex® systems.

Radio Frequency Remote Control
Radio frequency remote control with receiver, 4-button transmitter and low voltage control unit. With multiple systems, frequencies may be set to match—or to avoid overlap. Optional low voltage switch available.

Infrared Remote Control
Infraredremote control with IR "eye", 3-button transmitter and low voltage control unit. Optional low voltage switch available.

We also have a wide array of hardware available to accommodate most any installation requirement:

Mounting Brackets, Endcaps
For wall, ceiling or jamb installation. Optional white bracket cover available for 1-5/8" bracket. Endcaps, not brackets, are supplied with optional fascia and headbox. Depending on type of shade, either headbox, brackets or endcaps are standard.

Extruded fascia hides hardware and roller. May be mounted inside or outside with matching endcaps. Available in black, white, ivory, charcoal bronze or clear anodized finish. Color in picture may vary from actual aluminum. Color samples available upon request. 3-7/8" or 4-5/8" high as required. (not applicable for Colossal, Access Dual Roller, Access, Ultimate Access, Roman Shade, or FlexShade Panels).

Complete extruded headbox is available in two styles: surface mount to head, jamb or wall, and pocket mount for ceiling recessed installation. Both in sizes 3-7/8" or 4-5/8" high as required.

Type D Pocket
For clean, ceiling flush installation, use extruded Type D Pocket. With bottom closure panel in place, only a narrow slot is visible.

Wall Clip with Closure
Pocket already exists? Specify FlexShade Wall Clip with a long or short closure. Wall Clip mounts to the wall and bottom closure panel drops neatly into place without fasteners, leaving a minimal slot through which the shade descends. For sleek appearance, use continuous wall clip. Closure sizes 1-3/4" or 3".

Draper's FlexShade Coupling System lets one motor or crank operator drive up to four additional shade rollers. Click here for details.

Side Channel or “L” Angle
Prevent direct light gaps at the sides of your shade fabrics by installing side channels or “L” angles. Side channels (avail able in black, white, ivory, charcoal bronze or clear anodized finish) are 3/4" deep x 1-3/8" wide, mount to the jamb or face of the window opening. “L” angles measure 1" x 3/4" or 1 x 2-3/4" are available in black, white, ivory, charcoal bronze or clear anodized finish and mount inside the jamb.


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