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Portable Stages

Choose from our complete line of innovative staging products designed to fit any venue. All of our stages can support a uniformly distributed load of 125 pounds per square foot.


Watch a quick video of how the Insta-Theatre works:

Innovative Product Turns Multi-Purpose Room into a Theatre Instantly!

The SICO INSTA-THEATRE® concept is an innovative, full size performance theatre that folds conveniently into a pocket, or against a wall. Imagine transforming your cafeteria, gymnasium, or multi-purpose room into a professional theatre in minutes.

Save thousands of dollars in construction costs!
You can enjoy the benefits of a full proscenium theatre at less than half the cost of a permanent built-in theater. Maximize your use of space within Hotels, Community Centers, Schools, Churches, and Convention Centers with the SICO INSTA-THEATRE® . Facilities can now provide a professional theatre for their patrons without committing a large amount of space or cost.

Optimize your multi-purpose room space!
Once installed, it takes only minutes to fold out and operate. When your performance is over, just fold it away and use the space it consumed for other activities.