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Plastic Lockers

Rust Free Plastic Lockers

Our waterproof plastic lockers are

convenient for many types of locations, from pool locker rooms to outdoor storage areas.

Along with their rustproof quality, they are durable for many years of use.

Our plastic lockers are ideal for any area near water or humidity-whether a spa, pool, shower or beach area. Plastic lockers withstand the humidity and corrosiveness of water and pool areas and last much longer than traditional metal lockers in a corrosive environment. Wet swimsuits and towels, or even sweaty clothing will never rust, corrode delaminate or crack our 100% plastic lockers or stand-up plastic locker solutions! Available as single or multiple tiered units.

Some of the key benefits of our plastic lockers include:

-Constructed of 3/8" thick solid plastic bodies and heavy duty 1/2" thick doors which will never delaminate, fade or crack
-Powder coated Stainless Steel hinge for years of smooth operation
-Locking mechanism that latches along the entire length of the locker for superior security and durability
-15 year warranty against rust or corrosion for unparalleled, worry free use

When you buy lockers from YES Inc., you are guaranteed to get a great product, at a great price and with an industry leading warranty. Get a quote for solid plastic lockers from us today.

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