Outdoor Windscreens

SportsGraphics and YES is a leader in superior windscreens, supplying custom windscreens. Printed windscreens, whether a baseball windscreen or any other type of windscreen, offer several benefits. Windscreens dress up any fence, building, stage, or other surface where you want to flaunt your school spirit. The Windscreens are made from Ultramesh®, a porous fabric that allows 30% air flow. The edges are reinforced and vinyl welded for durable seams.

Windscreen fencing can be used on a variety of places, including football fields and soccer pitches. A tennis court windscreen improves the game for both the players and spectators. The mesh shields the ball from winds that can effect its carry and direction. They are not only useful protectors from environmental conditions, but sport windscreens are a great way to showcase your logo.






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