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Light Duty Shelving

Whatever style or kind of shelving you require, we can help you find a solution.
YES offers a full line of light duty shelving from LYON Workspace Products.
Choose from Open or Closed shelving, or mix and match to create a custom storage solution to meet most any need. Just call one of our Storage and Security Product Specialists.

Industrial Storage Cabinets
High visibility of open shelving is ideal for storing packaged stock, and other material without assigned shelf locations. Lapped and welded shelf corners provide added strength and durability. Lyon 8000 Series shelving sections of the same depth and height can be assembled continuously in mixed or matched combinations to meet varying capacity requirements.

Closed Shelving
Protect packages and unboxed items from dust, sunlight and other contaminants. Also use to divide work or storage space into separate areas. For double row, back-to-back installations use economical open back shelving on one side, common backs of closed shelving sections on the other side.

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