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St. John's University

At Young Equipment Solutions, we offer a full selection of telescopic bleacher systems to fit a variety of facility configurations. For these applications, we have chosen to offer products from the best line of indoor bleacher systems: Interkal. Choose from one of the standard configurations, or have custom seating arrangements made to suit special needs. Either way, you'll be certain that you can find a combination to fit your requirements.

Reverse-Fold Systems are designed for applications where space behind the bleacher stack is desired for other activities when the bleacher is not in use. This is common in areas such as mezzanines or balconies. Up to 18 rows can be specified with this system (over 18 rows, call us).

Forward-Fold Systems are the most typical application of telescopic seating in which the bleachers open in the forward direction. They are available up to 24 rows (over 24 rows, call us) and utilize either wall attachment or free-standing floor attachment.

Recessed Systems require minimal clearance to fit conveniently under a balcony overhang and maximizes usable floor space when the bleachers are stacked. Available with any of the Interkal seating options up to 24 rows (over 24 rows, call us). Add one of our automatic power options for easy operation.

Mobile Systems
consist of single sections of bleachers which can be used in one part of a building and stored in another. They offer increased flexibility and are available with any seating option up to 14 rows at 10-1/4" rise and 12 rows at 11-1/2" rise. (over 14 rows, call us). Portable or self-contained hydraulic dollies are provided for transport to various spectator or storage areas.

Free Standing Floor Attached for applications where bleachers are required to be located away from walls or when construction prohibits attachment


Custom Seating Arrangements Available:

Truncated sections / notchouts to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirement for wheelchair seating.

Elevated front and rear walkways and cross aisles as required for code compliance, as well as improved sightlines.

Cut-outs for columns that extend out from rear wall

Pie-shaped sections for radiused configurations.

Self-Storing Aisle Rails

Wasting your time taking down and setting back up safety aisle rails is now a thing of the past!

Self-Storing Aisle Rails provide:

  • Reduced liability due to rails always in place
  • One touch Extension and retraction- no rail setup or take down!!!!!
  • Ability to retrofit existing systems for added value
  • Reduced total cost of ownership

Sculptured Seat Modules

Sculptured Seat Modules are durable, comfortable, attractive and easy to maintain. Available in 15 standard colors, or custom colors upon request, you can be sure these will aesthetically fit any application.


Some of the features that make these such an excellent value are:

Durability. Modules are constructed of one-piece injection molded high strength polyethylene which resists stains and will not splinter or warp. The molded-in color will not fade or wear out.

Comfort. Plastic seat modules are anatomically-contoured to achieve greater spectator comfort. The contoured module produces more leg room. Each 18"-wide Interlocking module provides a minimum adult seat height of 16-1/2" for greater comfort, even over extended periods.

Appearance. Strong horizontal lines of a sculptured face and wide range of available colors dramatically increases aesthetic appeal and provides for interior design or school color options. Modular design concept clearly delineates each seat space and allows for ease of replacement should it ever become necessary. A recess in the module allows for optional seat numbering. Modules are available in 10" and 12" depths depending upon front to back row spacing and code requirements.

Easy Maintenance. Easy to clean, easy to sweep, no obstructions. No debris traps or exposed hardware.

Real, Classic Wood
It's classic beauty and functionality is timeless. Interkal offers wood bench seating as one of its many configurable seating surfaces. Wood seating is constructed from Southern Yellow Pine and finished with a long lasting clear finish.


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