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Gym Equipment

YES Inc. can provide safety inspections and repair services for all of your gymnasium equipment. This service includes checking your equipment for proper installation and/or operation, lubricating parts, making all necessary adjustments and leveling areas out of position. We will then create a quote for detailing all necessary repairs.

Safety Inspection/ Maintenance/ Repairs

  • Basketball backstops including backboards, rims & nets
  • Volleyball sleeve systems
  • Batting cages
  • Gym divider curtains
  • Gym wall padding
  • Winches, safety straps & height adjusters
  • Indoor & outdoor scoreboards

Spalding, the recognized leaser in the sports equipment, has endorsed Young Equipment Sales into their elite "Gym Doctor" Program. As part of this program, Spalding has certified YES as a knowledge and installation resource for gym equipment in terms of safety, maintenance, repairs and code compliance. The "Gym Doctor" program is a documented system designed to ensure that all of the equipment in the gym has a "clean bill of heath". It spans all manufacturers with the intent of bringing all equipment up to the Spalding standard of safety and excellence. We are honored to be recognized in this program and are eager to share our knowledge.

It is critical to maintain your gymnasium equipment. It should be inspected and maintained every year in order to prevent injury and costly repairs. You can contact YES to provide you with a quote for all repairs and upgrades that may be done once an inspection is completed.