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Bleacher Repairs, Renovations and Inspections

In many cases, bleachers can be restored to "as new" condition by our expert bleacher repair specialists. This can save thousands of dollars (as much as 50%) over the cost of replacement. We have the capabilities to:

Restore Understructures
- Understructures directly impact the safety, stability and smooth operation of bleachers, so we make sure everything is as tight straight and working as correctly as the day they were installed.

Replace Bad Wood - Not only is damaged wood unsightly, it's dangerous. Replacing the seats, risers and foot boards gives your seating a newer, safer look.

Bring Seating Into Safety Compliance -
We ensure your seating is safe and complies with all safety codes. Plus, we can make sure your rails are safe and in compliance. If you need rails, we can install rails which meet NFPA standards.

Create Accommodating Aisles - Today's codes call for your aisles to be wide enough to allow people to pass safely and for handrails to be located in the center of each aisle. YES will bring your aisles into compliance.

Modify for Physically Disabled Access- Providing access and quality spectator seating for the physically disabled is an ADA requirement. YES can configure your bleachers to meet ADA compliance.

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