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The challenges and needs of schools, churches, hospitals, and libraries are ever-evolving. The good news is, technology is also continually evolving and rising to meet these challenges. Our team of experts and in-house engineer work with the top manufacturers in the industry, bringing you innovative, scalable solutions. We also provide service and repair of existing systems.

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Our experts design and install custom audio systems for all of your needs. We specialize in indoor systems for gymnasiums, auditoriums, theaters and churches, and outdoor solutions ballfields and concerts.  The audio systems we design showcase industry leaders, like Crestron and Samsung. Our goal is to provide our customers high-quality amplifiers, speakers, microphones, and audio source devices as well as the right complement of digital signal processing.

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Young Equipment offers custom-designed high resolution LED displays and video walls for your school, gymnasium, theater or religious facility. They are the perfect way to share vibrant and high-quality videos, images, scrolling text, live feeds, and any other type of content to suit your needs. From design and installation and post-install technical support, the team at Young Equipment will help you design the perfect video wall configuration.

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Our experts specialize in high end theatrical and house lighting designs and installations that are they easy to use and program. Our theatrical lighting designs focus on performance level lighting for stages and theaters. Our goal is to keep your audience’s attention on the performances, presentations, or worship. We also design and install direct and indirect house lighting plans to create an immersive and balanced environment for your audience. In addition to theatrical lighting we also design quality architectural lighting throughout hallways, offices, classrooms, and gathering spaces that create a seamless atmosphere throughout a building.

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Our Innovative IQ Blackboard offers LED 4K resolution for higher contrast and exceptional image quality, a fully interactive touch panel for greater accuracy and faster response time and includes a conference camera and built-in speakers. And unlike other models on the market, you can write and erase directly on the screen just like a traditional blackboard with chalk or chalk pens. These units are perfect for your classroom, lecture hall, conference room, or locker room to go over game footage.

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Does your school, university, sports facility, park, or other application need an audio system that can stand up to extreme environments? Young Equipment offers fully integrated weatherproof loudspeakers, subwoofers, and completely customized systems that will last for years to come rain, wind or shine.

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Your team and fans deserve the best audio sound quality possible. Gone are the days of muffled announcements or deafening high pitched bells. We design our indoor gym sound systems for superb play-by-play vocal clarity, high powered music, and fantastic spectator coverage in gyms, basketball courts, volleyball courts, indoor arenas, and all types of indoor athletic venues. Our gym speaker systems are pre-configured to make it easy to specify and purchase the perfect complete audio solution for your gymnasium. All of our gym sound system designs are ready to perform right out of the box or as a starting point for a more customized solution for your specific needs and budget. Our gym solutions deliver the consistent high-performance sound ideal for play-by-play announcements where vocal clarity and wide coverage is essential. Enjoy exceptional audio quality from simple voice projection to more sophisticated systems that provide clear intelligibility and music reproduction to spectators in all seating areas. Need a custom design? We can package a complete gymnasium solution for all sizes and budgets from K-12 through university size athletic buildings.

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