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Room Dividers are portable partitions that are designed without a track system to allow for a completely portable divider that can be moved from room to room and does not require overhead structural support.
The 5100 Series is the most economical and versatile choice for dividing space. Use it when you need it, store and stack it when you don?ft. It?'s that easy. The Room Divider can be fabricated as a Freestanding Divider, Wallmount Divider or Portable Classroom to fit your specific space division requirements. -The Room Divider units can be joined together to create any size unit to accommodate you changing space division requirements. -The Portable Classroom divider includes a storage cabinet with markerboard, adjustable shelves and a large work surface. The cabinet accommodates two (2) wallmount dividers. The dividers, combined with the cabinet, provide 37' - 0" feet (11.28 m) of moveable partition. -Designer fabric finishes laminated to a honeycomb core with compressed fiberglass make the panels sound absorbing to assist in keeping the noise to an acceptable level.

Model 5110
The Freestanding Room Dividers have been designed with convenience in mind. They can be moved from room to room and will fit through a standard entry door for your convenience. Use to construct bulletin boards, instant training rooms or even secluded dining areas. They are perfect for places like; science fairs, art galleries and TSA security screening rooms.

Model 5120
The Wallmount Divider is the perfect choice when you need to set up numerous temporary rooms, such as a Sunday school, for taking tests or making cubicles to name a few. Wallmount dividers can be extended from the wall into any configuration. For your convenience, these partitions fold against the finished wall for easy storage. The possibilities are endless.

Model 5130
The Portable Classroom is quite unique. The panels that make up the classroom store behind the included storage cabinet. The storage cabinet utilizes a markerboard, a work surface and also houses adjustable shelves to store your classroom essentials.
The Silencer Series of movable, flat-panel walls are top supported, acoustically rated and built to individual job specifications. We offer a variety of models, suspension systems and panel coverings. Optional Accessories include marker boards and tack boards with full width marker trays, ADA compliant pass doors and storage pocket doors. Certain applications may invite a combination of our Silencer walls and Chameleon doors.

Features include:

  • Continuous contact bulb seals provide a light and sound barrier at the track.
  • 16-guage steel frames and 5" corner gussets provide a strong platform for a choice of steel or tackable gypsum substrates.
  • Decorative panel finishes include standard 21-ounce vinyl and optional fabric or acoustical carpet.
  • Vertical interlocking seals provide a light and sound barrier and alignment from panel to panel.
  • Trimless vertical edges permit the decorative finish to wrap around the steel frame for a fine-line appearance.
  • Retractable bottom seals allow for ease of panel movement and they provide light and sound control at the floor. Standard automatic bottom seals are set without the need for an operating handle or tool.

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